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Facebook RSS updates

July 6, 2011

… or not.  Blog was updated at 17:53 yesterday but despite the statement that “Facebook will automatically update your notes whenever you write in your blog”, updates from this blog have yet to make their way into the Test 101 page.

How long will this take?!


RSS updates to the blog

July 5, 2011

Having just checked the RSS feed on the word press site, it seems as though post edits don’t warrant a new separate entry in the the feed – although I should have checked to see if the feed contained the original or new version of the post.

Facebook as extension to VLE

July 5, 2011

Currently playing with facebook RSS feeds + pages/groups as a way of stretching the reach of VLEs within HE.

Having subscribed to this feed via the notes of a Facebook page, I would be interested to see if this edit shows up in the RSS feed.

Another reason for hating Apple’s walled garden

September 7, 2010

Trying to get to grips with tweet deck and bookmarking on the iPad and really struggling. Someone posts a great link on Twitter, follow the link, it opens in a browser window INSIDE tweet deck and if I want to save the link, I need to go out of tweet deck to save the link with another app – and repaste the URL and make up or copy a page title. In my fully functional browser (with javascript tools/extensions) I could bookmark or tweet with no extra effort.

Is it me or am I wrong for trying to manage content in one place?

Decisions, decisions

September 7, 2010

Okay, day one of ALTc conference in Nottingham. First task is to work out what I want to see/do. Shortly followed by – what do I use to schedule my time? Paper program, online? iPhone vs iPad vs laptop. Paper is easy to share / scribble on but the online program on cloudvine has “a schedule tool to create a personalized, exportable schedule. Guess I better check that out first, in the privacy of my room, with everything to hand before I decide.

Any advice?

Delicious tagging bookmarklet

September 6, 2010

Current version of a bookmarklet I am using in Firefox (sourced from is …


This code is same for Safari and Firefox – need to work out why the timeout is set for Firefox, but in the meantime it works for me.

Note: there is a marginal difference between the firefox (above) and safari (below) versions – can you spot it and does it matter?


And this doesn’t work on iPhone safari. Need to go back to my simpler version.

Getting hired as a designer

September 6, 2010

Top three tests (from Mike Davidson via Andy Clarke at MMU web teaching day) for hiring designers:

  • does the design look and feel of what you have done or can show fit in with what the we/our clients want
  • are you a cool person to work with, e.g. interests, values, personality etc
  • can anyone vouch for you

Original (fresh!) post at

Digital Industries – employer needs + graduate skills

September 6, 2010

Presentation at Web Teaching Day, 6 September 2010

Nicola Critchlow, MMU Careers

Reports on work funded by HECSU.  Key points:

  • Creative digital industries definition confused but cross sector (impacts 10-13 traditional sectors depending on your defintion)
  • Comms skills is valued highly by both employers and academics, but while academics thought students were prepared, employers did not
  • Tech skills valued highly by both academics and (even more highly) by employers, again with employers thinking grads were less prepared
  • work experience valued by both academics and (again, even more highly) by employers, but two thirds of employers thought grads not prepared.

Summary of employer views:

  • grads bring fresh talen and ideas, and assessed by their (untaught!) enthusiam and experience
  • pace of change much higher in industry compared with academics

Tech skills wanted include XHMLT, motion graphics, soft skills etc

Follow-up research focussed on different competencies and identified:

  • cognitive (understanding), behavioural (skills) & affective (attitudes and values)
  • employers are looking for all three, while academics tend (unsurprisingly) to focus more on cognitive competencies.
  • employability initiatives (e.g. e-portfolios) do not necessarily meet employer requirements (if they are looking for enthusiam and innovation outside of prescriptive university led approaches)

Improving searchability of Flash content

May 21, 2010

A pointer to what Google will index in Flash content…

Official Google Webmaster Central Blog: Flash indexing with external resource loading

So if you are developing Flash content for the web, all is not lost (at least in theory).

Too much information overload

March 26, 2010

Welcome to my world of too much information, too many channels and not enough ways to make sense and manage it.

You could view this as a dumping ground for thoughts and ideas about work.  Alternatively, you could view it as another tool in the armoury of:

  • delicious – repository of references (micro-wiki)
  • twitter – interesting titbits in “real time
  • … and this – for bigger, slightly more formed ideas, helpful stuff and so on

Maybe this is all too much, and I should just be using one platform for everything.  But thoughts to date suggest otherwise.