(Re)engaging with online tech/learning

Was going to say I have been inspired by the ALTc mooc on tech+ learning to re-engage with online tools.  More importantly, this is something I really need to do having been away from it for almost six months.

But as mentioned on the mooc forum, keeping up with the tech as it changes is such a brain ache!  I was interested to see the ocTEL mooc using delicious – a blast from the past and something I’ve not seriously used for a couple of years now.  And as a case in point, I tried to follow this up only to find that delicious are changing their platform yet again, and the ocTEL tag doesn’t seem to work – grrr.

Other things I need to re-engage with are:

  • TweetDeck, or someother twitter tool
  • a URL shortner (where did the one go that I installed in my browser)
  • a replacement for delicious
  • a way of organising my to do list

… the list could go on.  But as ever, being a student again exposes you to the challenges of being a student in today’s world!

Notes to self

http://octel.alt.ac.uk/2014/forums/topic/a-photoavatar-paints-a-thousand-preconceptions/#post-8411 shows how to link to a reply in a discussion topic.  Hoping this will work with the one below!





3 Responses to “(Re)engaging with online tech/learning”

  1. Tracey Madden Says:

    If it’s not too late to say it, welcome to ocTEL… and yes, that link does work!

    If you find a true replacement for Delicious let me know because it suited my way of working very well which meant I used it consistently.

  2. Other TEL/tech+ learning blog posts | a TELing Story Says:

    […] a personal account of tech+ learning – (re) engaging with online tech/learning […]

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