Presenting on the iPad with KeyNote

If I am going to use my iPad as a presentation tool I am going to need an application to drive the external monitor/projector – at least until Apple come up with generic mirroring capabilities in a new iOS update. There are lots of apps out there to help you use your iPad for using external displays but I am going to go with Apple’s KeyNote for the iPad app. As the official Apple product  I am hoping that it will provide better integration for downloading off the web and more support for complex slides.

There is lots of stuff out there which talks about this, so I am just going to record my experience with KeyNote, the standard VGA output cable and StudyNet.  By the way, Keynote can be used for creating presentations as well as showing them, which may account for the higher price. The install goes fine, and going back to my previous test set of slides when I click on the link to PowerPoint (ppt) slide I now get a button in Safari giving me the option to “Open in KeyNote”.  But be quick, this will disappear if you don’t take the chance.

So far so good then – except I am now looking at a long list of “presentation import warnings” most of which related to the fonts used and the “build order” of those custom animations. A tap or swipe takes me through the presentation, including the step by step animations. I have to say that the text generally looks fine, and I can in the first instance notice the changes in build order so things are still looking good.

The final test is hooking up the external display.  Hitting the play button puts the presentation slides up on my external test monitor and starts the presenter view which was exactly what I was expecting have read the discussion here and seen the screen shots. Not being able to see the slides on the iPad or add annotations on the fly are limitations. The first is minor and can be over come by getting a remote to control the slide – this would be also be my preference anyway as I like to walk about in talks. However, from the discussion on Apple’s forum, it doesn’t look like this is going to happen any time soon.

The inability to add annotations to slide is more major and is something I need to find a work around for. One of the key benefits of using PowerPoint is the ability to use it as a whiteboard to capture audience ideas both there and then, and for later.

So all in all – it works as well as expected.  Here’s hoping for updates to fix those extra niggles.



3 Responses to “Presenting on the iPad with KeyNote”

  1. guy75 Says:

    Have just tried to give my first live presentation and it wouldn’t work – the iPad failed to detect the projector! A post presentation test on a different projector in another room showed the iPad and VGA connector were working fine – hmmm, not very reliable it would seem.

  2. guy75 Says:

    The authoring capability on the iPad also turned out to be essential to tinker with the presentation build capabilities. For example, if you want to build up blocks of bullet points these have to be separate objects – unless you want to have to tap for each separate point and sub-point.

  3. iPad – initial thoughts from ALT-C 2010 « Too much information overload Says:

    […] find the apps wouldn’t ddrive an external display. And while I had the opportunity to use the iPad in my presentation, in the end the use of a USB remote control/clicker for those custom animations meant I stuck to […]

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