Another reason for hating Apple’s walled garden

Trying to get to grips with tweet deck and bookmarking on the iPad and really struggling. Someone posts a great link on Twitter, follow the link, it opens in a browser window INSIDE tweet deck and if I want to save the link, I need to go out of tweet deck to save the link with another app – and repaste the URL and make up or copy a page title. In my fully functional browser (with javascript tools/extensions) I could bookmark or tweet with no extra effort.

Is it me or am I wrong for trying to manage content in one place?


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2 Responses to “Another reason for hating Apple’s walled garden”

  1. guy75 Says:

    And now i find that the WordPress app only appears to save two local drafts so i have lost my notes on three conference presentations. Grrr

  2. guy75 Says:

    And have now gone back to using the word press website (on iPad) which seems to behave itself very well. May still use the app for the phone with restricted screen real estate.

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